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Before there was THE BIG IDEA, there was a little one ....... "in here" ?

08 Nov 2023

In the beginning - a thought "it just was",

(but in it's long journey - it got BIGGER "because") ?

Written by

Waitaki Sound Technologies Ltd NZ
Nov 8, 2023

In the beginning - a thought "it just was", 
(but in it's long journey - it got BIGGER "because");

In the beginning, there was an simple idea,
It was very subtle, quiet and "full of fear";
Yet it began to build up, becoming at long last,
ON A BIG IDEA (my page) - yet disappeared fast.

Where did it go - this creator's page, he did scream,
For he never gave it a thought (as it would seem);
That the idea he'd built upon this earlier website.?
Had simply vanished (during an upgrade) one night.

And thus - after much anguish, search and thought,
Everything written, had apparently become naught;
However in searching - "this showcase" ? He did find.
And so a poem he wrote (& he hopes you don't mind);

As nowhere in here, no matter wherever he searched,
He couldn't discover "any other profiles", to research;
Until he realised - that none of them can ever be seen.
Until they too discover, only a showcase “will redeem”;

So once again the creator/s (whoever) can thus now be found
Be they musician, painter, decorator, or a miner underground;
As until you can "showcase", by writing a little ditty (or story),
Your old profile will remain lost - under a cloud of past glory;

So, please remember to check out - who wrote "this strange poem".
Because I wrote it, so that I can still (maybe) become well known;
Merry Christmas for 2015, to past and present, (at The Big Idea),
May you have a safe and extremely satisfying: “brand new year”

UPDATE: The same goes now, for all at the BIG IDEA
EIGHT YEARS have past & we're at the end of the 2,023 year.

Technical Information: 

Just a thought in 1965 (that began "another small idea"), 
Which could easily outgrow itself (if helped by someone in here);
An old analogue "surround sound system", 
That completely alters one's understanding of "musical atmosphere";

As it is - simplicity itself, even though it's quite complex,
Taking two channel stereo (info) into many multiple channels, (oh yes);
Which could alter the way everyone "plays with their sound",
Earning good profits for other New Zealanders (I must confess);

Why pay big overseas consortiums, to deprive you of your money,
For an inferior sound (which is) created “virtually”?;
When a few New Zealander entrepreneurs, with visions for success,
Could assist another one, to “set everyone's music totally free”;
If a twelve year old boy, in an "old cow byre" (in 1965),
Could make sweet music - with NO SWEET SPOT in it's way;
& Who has tested and made these (by hand) over the years;
Plus has made a few videos on YouTube - “just so he could say”;

I can make these by hand, with no (special) highly technical "digital" knowledge,
Or even the funds to even make very many;

But when you hear the "resultant surround", 
Playing your favourite music in a way - you never thought "it could sound";
Then if you realise, what a profit could be had,
Manufacturing this in New Zealand, and selling units = WORLDWIDE;
You'll thank me for creating this showcase of knowledge here,
Instead of forgetting all about it, by letting my old profile ? HIDE.

Purchase Details: 

Many a prototype "has been built, tested or sold",
But production for lots of .. well that's currently: ON HOLD;
Until an investor, or 10, we can now find,
To "start manufacturing" (to stop all of you - going out of your mind).!
Because a small thought, that has slowly grown,
That's taken me from 1965 until 2015 (just) FIFTY YEARS,

Cannot be progressed at a faster rate, until "business minds alike",


However, in the meantime, a USA audio amplifier manufacturer,
Whom I did find, who intends to come back (to NZ) some day;
To assist "Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited New Zealand",
Become the vehicle for employing many, “on full pay”;
Which is why - we are currently progressing slowly along,
Tinkering with this, modifying that - and recreating a song.!

Utilising a URL-TLD "with our initials": ;
Until they come back, (I hope it's not long, but sadly also I think they won't return). 


Check out my "attached picture", taken in 2014, at Roxburgh (NZ) 
A far few years ago, of the "2 people" (on the above ^ USA website);
Oh yes - it's starting to make sense .. of what I have written,
(over the back fence) as that's also "me there" in 2014 - on the RIGHT;
However - one also acknowledges, it's not possible to lift that same picture
(from their website), as it has been deliberately "copyright" hidden;
With a flip-over cover - of it's rear "heat-sink" side,
Thus MY PICTURE we took in my yard, it's genuine; IT IS A GIVEN

Thus yes - I know that you thought it was "maybe just a joke",
To hear all about analogue surround sound, by this “very old bloke”;
But it's what I haven't told you - which is more to the point,
As there's more (to this story) - than could be put into any weird joke;
As it's not just music, nor instruments we restructure & remake,
Or recycled products & wire clips, or even our fully patented “hinge for a gate”;
But all the other weird inventions & modified musical things,
Which others pass over, instead of re-using & recycling, the things I make:

With over 14 TLD specific URL's, and 20 WordPress blogs, (plus many twitters as well)
- it's easy to Find us as QUIX©™1999 via "WSTLNZ" (um) anywhere:

Just "FIND" us (when searching for) - any of our old websites out there
“QUIX - NZ / Hinge Services Central”, yes it's still there (somewhere);

Because a QUICK-FIX (QUIX) has never been easier,
Than putting it everywhere around the www (Weird Wonderful Web) 4U2C.
Creating "multiple blogsites" (on any of our TLD, top level URL's)
Simply by placing "" or Initials (in search boxes) = just 4 "thee".!


ie: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
As wow that's me (eh).!!!! As well as "those 2" - in the U-S (of A).
Oh & (plus the AMP too)

& Visual Pics (um OK): 
Try watching our (1965) TEN WAY, instant VU meter board via:
Video link 
Yeah, nah not very good.
But what can one do, with just an old Nokia 6120 Classic phone
That just happened to have a MONO on-board (almost useless) Video Camera

FOR EVERYONE ELSE - who couldn't care less?
I think you are all K_RAY_Z (to not investigate old-school)
So here's an old song (Inter-mixed) Just 4U.!!!!
Sometimes [LINKS] break or take too long to get there.
So if that's how slow your internet is:
Go direct: