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Silverdale pioneers mural

12 Dec 2023
Large 90sq metre mural completed this December at Silverdale village

Written by

Susannah Law
Dec 12, 2023

Artist Susannah Law fundraised for over a year to make her dream of colouring up the old Silverdale town a reality. Thanks to local business sponsors and patrons who put cash in to help pay the artists, this mural was recently completed. Sue organised a team of four other artists to help her complete this project, some of them learning the techniques of muralling from her for their future careers in the art industry. Her son‘n’ law Ben Ravenhall (of WRNZ) has graffitti guarded the mural for free, a huge saving towards the overall cost.

 . Artists Dan Law, Jasmin Murray and Michael Berry working on the mural in October.

                                              Left hand side featuring local gum diggers at Dairy Flat.