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Trade your Console for an Auckland Fringe Gaming Experience


Risk & Win Arcade: The Theatrical Competition

An Auckland Fringe Event. Adventurous audience members will become part of the story in RISK & WIN ARCADE, a theatrical competition with amazing prizes up for grabs from 11-28 February as part of Auckland Fringe.

Running throughout the three weeks of Auckland Fringe, Auckland CBD will become a real-life gaming arena. The experience will begin on the roof of the Aotea Centre, but from there, participants will have to enter to find out. It’s like The Amazing Race, an adventure movie and video game combined, played out on the streets of Auckland CBD.

Audience members will become investigators as they uncover the mystery of why Cara, a marketing executive at Risk & Win Gaming Corp, has gone missing. A sizeable reward has been offered to anyone who can track her down by Arthur D Skillington, CEO of Risk & Win Gaming Corp and Cara’s father-in-law to be. Tokens will be offered for different challenges and there will be clues and encounters along the way which will help competitors achieve their mission. Each night prizes will be awarded to the top 3 competitors who gain the most tokens. Winners will be invited back to compete in a special grand final with a brand new mission.

Developed by Theatre of Love producer James Wenley (The Enigma Box) and visual-theatre star Ben Anderson (Just Above the Clouds), they aim to give audiences an exhilarating theatre experience that is different to normal theatre fare.

“I love interactive theatre where audiences can take a more active stake in the story. The competitive aspect is really unique, but it’s also important that we tell an engaging story, so even if you don’t win a prize you’ll still go away hyped.” says James Wenley.

Auckland Fringe 2015 is an open access arts festival where anything can happen. It provides a platform for practitioners and audiences to unite in the creation of form forward experiences which are championed in an ecology of artistic freedom. The 2015 programme will see work happening all over the show, pushing the boundaries of performance Auckland wide from February 11 to March 1.