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Too Orangey for Crows

Too Orangey for Crows


Enjoy presents Too Orangey for Crows, an exhibition of new work by British artist James R Ford.

Having recently relocated to Wellington, Ford's first engagement with New Zealand audiences rests between two locales. Obsession; humour; failure; play; repetition; boredom: Ford delves into the activities and influences of his 80s childhood as a way of both embarking, and staying-put. "Kia-Ora," as the historically-rooted but culturally de-contextualised British softdrink proclaims, beckoning both a greeting and parting note at once.

Too Orangey for Crows includes works from a range of media, of various duration and origin. It also utilises the Internet and other time-based platforms as a means of dissemination. In Mollie Boogie, 2009, Ford sings a karaoke lullaby to his unborn child for 39 consecutive nights in the run up to the baby's due date; while Little Endeavours, 2009, presents an un-documented project undertaken by Ford before his imminent departure from London. As part of the show, A Tweet a Day, 2009-2021, will continue an 11 year word-for-word reading of a childhood book through Twitter: Twitter name is @JamesRFord. 

James has an MFA from Goldsmiths College and has exhibited widely in the U.K., including his recent project Only Boring People Get Bored, 2009, at FERREIRA PROJECTS in London. 

Further information: 

James R Ford: Too Orangey for Crows

27 August - 19 September

opening celebration Wednesday 26 August, 6pm

artist talk Thursday 10 September, 6pm

Written by

Enjoy Contemporary Art Space

18 Aug 2009

Established in June 2000 as an artist-run initiative, Enjoy Contemporary Art Space is a leading independent contemporary art space located in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.