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Clown Culture Workshops with Ira Seidenstein

Clown Culture Workshops 2013 with Ira Seidenstein
A perfect way to start the year and an exclusive opportunity to work with a world renown tutor, master clown Ira Seidenstein PhD(2012 Performer in Slava's Snow Show - Europe, 2007 in Cirque du Soleil


A perfect way to start the year and an exclusive opportunity to work with a world renown tutor, master clown Ira Seidenstein PhD(2012 Performer in Slava's Snow Show - Europe, 2007 in Cirque du Soleil – USA) When: Weekend 19-20th January, Whole week 19-25th January Saturday 26th - Performance evening Price: Student price, KP residents and Early Bird general public price: Weekend $290, Week $610  Full Price will be: $350/$700 Where: Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland NZ KawaiPurapura is easily accessible by car or public transport, 15 minutes drive from central Auckland. Only minutes walk to the Albany village/shopping centre; 10 min from sunny, spectacular East Coast beaches. Plenty of free parking PLACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED, TO SIGN UP and more info, please email : or visit *************** A perfect way to start the year and an exclusive opportunity to work with a world renown tutor with over 35 years of experience in performance, theatre, acting, clown, circus and commedia. Ira's unique method releases ones creative nature through the body, clowning, and acting. His exercises and improvisations are clear, profound and potent. The "Clown Culture": workshop explores how culture is contained within ones body. This retreat will be 50% training and 50% creating & rehearsing culminating in an outdoor ritual performance of clown. Visit Ira`s website for mor info on: Weekend workshop is an introduction to the Clown Culture, and its suitable for EVERYBODY – from beginners to advanced students. The weekend will focus on Clown Culture including the Short Practice (elements from The Four Articulations), The Clown Knows Exercise, and The Quantum Theatre Ritual. Weeklong workshop is a continuation of the program, for people that want to deepen their practice and take their skills to the next level. Daily Program: 9-11 am Training in The Four Articulations. 11am-1pm Improvisations leading towards creating the clown ritual performance. 1-2 pm Lunch 2-4 pm Rehearsal. *************** Accommodation, Food, Performance ( optional ) For your convenience and enjoyment - there is an option to stay on the lovely KawaiPurapura property: bring a tent, shared rooms, your own room. This will have to be organised separately with a retreat centre. There is a very limited number of rooms available, be quick to avoid disappointment. All accommodation includes use of the retreat facilities: kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, bush walks. Free tea and coffee throughout the workshop and optional - 3 delicious freshly prepared vegetarian meals. This will depend on number of participants - if you are interested, we will provide you with further information re: accommodation and food at the time of registration. Yoga classes available daily. Massage and reiki sessions can be booked on site Saturday 26th - free music concert and an outdoor party. Everybody welcome! A perfect way to wrap up a fun week .. more fun fun fun! This will be also an excellent opportunity for participants ( optional ) to share some of newly acquired skills on stage in front of the audience Clown Culture Workshops 2013 – the most fun one can legally have in NZ! *************** Ira Seidenstein Testimonials: "It is a rare and unique individual who commits himself to a life of clowning. Ira is such a person. He is also one of the most naturally funny people I have ever met. He approaches his craft with a reverence for, and deep understanding of the tradition to which he belongs and which he continues with his own work. But what is beautiful about his performances, as far as I am concerned, is that there is always a hint of danger brewing just under the surface. This is the energy of the 'Contrary' eager to expose any pretense in our selves and, like an incorrigible Zen master, slap us back into reality." - David Pearce - Co-director of Intuitive Way (California) "Working with Ira was a hugely important experience and education for us as a company and me as a theatre-maker. He brought us to a new level of creativity and professionalism, it really was remarkable, I always try to work with him at every given opportunity, he has a huge amount to offer every type of performing artist." - Leonie McDonagh - Director of Ponydance Theatre (Ireland) - Winner 2012 Best of the Fringe - Dance Award Review from Ira's 2012 production The Madness of King Lear "To explain the quality that elevates The Madness of King Lear into the sphere of superlative interdisciplinary theatre, we must look to Federico García Lorca: this transformed Lear burns and shimmers with duende, a Spanish concept that Lorca defined better in the 1930s than anyone has since. Duende is “a power, not a work” – the fusion of expressivity, intense feeling, and a realness that cannot be counterfeited. “Everything that has black sounds in it, has duende”, Lorca wrote ... and The Madness of King Lear tears up its black sounds from the depths of the heart, translating them into a performance artwork that begins with visual beauty and then unfolds, flower-like, into a masterpiece of wit and grief, tears and music ... Seidenstein is a joy to watch: in addition to wonderful verse-speaking, his background in clowning comes to the fore in several sequences of contemporary dance and mime. These interludes are beautiful to the point of being almost frightening, distinguished by a rich visual purity more usually associated with Japanese woodblock printing. Seidenstein’s physical acting is more communicative than many actors’ words, and its adaptable muscular grace underlines his shamanic role in the piece, as like a loving vates, he leads Lear through the close-crowded forests of the mind … It is impossible to overpraise this production: a hugely eclectic and well-chosen soundtrack complements astounding performances and cements The Madness of King Lear’s status as an interdisciplinary masterpiece. Lorca’s duende is “the subtle bridge that unites the five senses with the raw wound, that living cloud, the stormy ocean of timeless Love” – Shakespeare’s Lear lays out a whole economy of love, and in this adaptation it is brought to life with such shining tempestuousness that to watch is to be swept away." - Chloe Stopa-Hunt (Edinburgh) Location/venue: Kawai Purapura, 14 Mills Ln, Albany, Auckland Date: 19 Jan 2013 - 26 Jan 2013 Cost: Early Bird: Weekend (19-20th Jan) $290, Week (19-25th Jan ) $610 ... After 5th December $350/$700 Contact details:

Contact details:

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5 Oct 2012