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Aotearoa Found in Translation - Matariki Fest

Aotearoa - Found in Translation Matariki
Aotearoa Found in Translation - Printable Reality Actors Ensemble


A poetry show that will surprise you, move you and make you think and make you laugh. 
Most popular poems, selected by the public - performed by a troupe of professional actors and some of the best know local performance poets. If you love poetry, you will love this show; if you don't, you will start loving it!

“Aotearoa – Found in Translation” Poetry of our Ancestry, Story of our Belonging Matariki Festival 2013 at TAPAC, 19-20-21 July 8pm Printable Reality Actors Ensemble brings to life an exciting contemporary performance/live literature project exploring the experience of becoming a New Zealander.

Inspired by poetry from New Zealand and around the world, adapted for the stage and directed by gus Simonovic and Gail Romano – Aotearoa is a cloud in motion, a place of becoming, where our personal journeys are at the centre of the story.

Music: Dubtext Visuals : Siri Embla

Starring: Jennifer Austin, Denise Snoad, Lee ah yen Faatoia, Jordin Lincoln, Prema Cottingham and Rebecca Parr. Plus special appearance by Rosanna Raymond, and surprise live appearances by Auckland poets.

New Zealand is a country of immigrants, a modern nation built on diversity. Historically, all New Zealanders have come from somewhere, some before some after. They have all bought parts of their tradition, language and culture – threads from which the tapestry of our modern day Kiwi-culture is woven. Poetry as an art form is as old as human existence. Initially developed through oral tradition and folk song, it predates literacy. Spoken word evolved further through writing, reading, translation and performance, and it is so central to all cultures. Over past few months favorite poems from all around the world were collected by various NZ communities, individuals and poets. The resulting collection of poems and excerpts is transformed into a 40-minute spoken word performance complemented by sound and images. The core idea for this project is to deepen the understanding of where are we, individually and collectively, “coming from” and what made us into what we are today, through language and poetry. The testimony of our uniqueness told using our various ancient and new voices and adopted to our modern-day language, perceptions and expression.

Inspiring and transformational, this is a live poetry show like you have never seen it before.

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For more info contact: Jennifer +64 22 350 3269

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Written by

Printable Reality

28 Jun 2013