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If you've got it Flaunt it

Wayne Youle, 'Flauntatiousness', (2013)
Wayne Youle, 'Flauntatiousness', (2013)


You might have seen pictures of The Beatles’ Rolls Royce and Andy Warhol’s BMW, now Christchurch has got its own Art Car.

Canterbury-based artist, Wayne Youle has been hard at work in the Christchurch Signtech studio creating Flauntatiousness, the Art Car that he has designed for the SCAPE 7 Public Art Christchurch Biennial 27 September – 9 November 2013.

Wayne has designed a series of automotive-themed ‘brand’ stickers for each of the contributing artists in SCAPE 7. These are emblazoned alongside sponsor logos and tongue in cheek comments on the current environment, on a Chrysler 300 in the stylized manner associated with motor-racing teams.

Wayne says “Flauntatiousness has been designed to make Christchurch people smile. At first glance, they will see a racing car cruising the streets of Christchurch which is strange enough in itself. But when they get closer they’ll see that the logos are not those of the normal race car sponsors.

I’ve created a logo for each of our SCAPE 7 artists. For example, for David Cross, who’s designed the inflatable Powerslide, his logo is a razor blade. Then, I’ve included our local sponsors who have made the Art Car possible. Look out for my new version of the Armstrong Prestige logo.”

The Chrysler 300 was Wayne’s first choice of vehicle for the Art Car, and he was delighted when Chrysler agreed to sponsor the car. “There’s a classic American-ness to this car”, says Wayne “but it’s also powerful and has a certain bad-boy image about it.”

“Wayne has chosen a great car for this project”, says Rick Armstrong of Armstrong Prestige. “While being distinctive and having a real personality, it’s also a great car to drive. Whoever’s got the job of driving it around town will thank Wayne for his choice!”

“Wayne has quite literally responded to the curatorial concepts for SCAPE 7 of the unexpected, possibility and mobility” says SCAPE Public Art Director, Deborah McCormick. “Wayne is renowned for his ability to engage with a wide range of audiences using strategies associated with design and popular culture, and we know that Flauntatiousness is going to be a hit with Christchurch people.”

To add to the popular appeal of this work of public art, Wayne has also designed a “Weetbix packet style” cut-out car for children. The cars are printed on one side of a piece of A3 cardboard with artwork similar to the Art Car, and the rear has been left blank so that children can design their own Art Car. The cars will be available as part of the free SCAPE 7 Kids Packs which families will be able to pick up from the SCAPE 7’s hub, Art Central.

Wayne Youle lives in Amberley and is well known in Christchurch for the large shadowboard mural I seem to have temporarily misplaced my sense of humour which he created in 2011 in collaboration with Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu and Gap Filler.

Wayne was the recipient of the SCAPE Public Art/Artspace Sydney residency in 2012. He works across traditional media including painting, sculpture, photography and print-making, seeking to forge connections between each and the various processes and strategies associated with design and popular culture.

Flauntatiousness can be seen driving around Christchurch.

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Sponsors of Flauntatiousness

PLATINUM: Christchurch City Council, Creative New Zealand

SILVER: Armstrong Prestige, Themepro, The Press, Signtech, The Carter Group

BRONZE: Nicci Best, Dunedin Print, Custom Cutting Formes

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SCAPE Public Art

23 Sep 2013

Interests SCAPE Public Art install large scale, free-to-view contemporary public art in Christchurch city.