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Visiting Asia

Matthew Cowan, Swing 89, 2013 Single channel digital video. Collection of the artist
Te Tuhi is proud to present Visiting Asia.


Te Tuhi is proud to present Visiting Asia.

This vibrant exhibition shares the perspectives of New Zealand artists who have undertaken residencies in China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Through a wide variety of media including photography, painting, performance, video and sculpture, the selected artists have explored new places, collaborated with communities and created fresh cross-cultural synergies.

The 14 artists in Visiting Asia have navigated divergent social, environmental, and economic contexts whilst reflecting on micro personal encounters and wider cultural constructs that shape contemporary life.

By establishing meaningful and thoughtful links the residencies contribute to an emerging legacy of exchange at a time that Aotearoa has become increasingly connected to the Asian region through immigration and economy.

The artist residencies were made possible through connections and funding from the Asia New Zealand Foundation, a non-government organisation established to develop business and cultural relations between Asian countries and New Zealand.

Visiting Asia has been made in partnership with Te Tuhi, Hastings City Art Gallery and the Asia New Zealand Foundation. The exhibition is based on Imagine Asia originally exhibited at Pataka Art + Museum, Porirua.

Fiona Amundsen & Tim Corballis // Ben Buchanan // Kushana Bush // Steve Carr // Liyen Chong // Matthew Cowan // Kerry Ann Lee // Jae Hoon Lee // Reuben Paterson // Jade Townsend // Tim Veling // Kate Woods // Erica van Zon

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Amy Weng - email:, ph: 09 577 0138

Written by

Te Tuhi

30 Oct 2015