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Essential Experimental - Stroma

29 Nov 2018
7pm and 9pm
An intimate evening of immersive, experimental sonic experiences.
Event type: 
Live event, Music
$10 / $20
Pyramid Club
272 Taranaki Street, Wellington


In its final concert of 2018, New Zealand’s leading new music ensemble, Stroma, will delight Wellington audiences with an intimate evening of innovative music by composers from around the world.

Stroma’s co-director, performer and 2018 Silver Scroll winner Michael Norris is excited to present this gentle but fascinating programme. “These works were chosen because they each explore a simple but radical concept that results in unusual but beautiful ‘soundworlds’.”

Essential Experimental travels the globe for a series of intimate small, strange and fun pieces featuring music by Alvin Lucier (USA), James Tenney (USA), John Cage (USA), Chiyoko Szlavnics (CAN), Peter Ablinger (GER) and Antonia Barnett-McIntosh (NZ).

Expect an experimental evening of song, speech, rain, harmonics, beat frequencies and vases. In Essential Experimental, music is created by water dripping on glass tubes, a cello resonating in large vases, string harmonics that loop and echo, and beat frequencies created with strings, accordion and sine tones.

Norris says “The programme is inspired by composers in the twentieth century who overhauled the traditional concepts of what ‘music’ is and can be. Instead of working with ‘notes’ and ‘melodies’, they generated music from concepts such as resonance, tuning, space, found objects, or graphic scores.”

Featured composers include long-time innovator John Cage and New Zealand School of Music’s 2019 composer-in-residence, Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, whose playful experimentations with voice are pushing musical boundaries today. 

Seating is very limited, so get in quick! Essential Experimental at Pyramid Club is an evening of sensational sounds – see you there!

Barbara Paterson (voice)
Antonia Barnett-McIntosh (voice)
Ken Ichinose (cello)
Michael Norris (glass tubes)

John Cage (US) • Aria
Peter Ablinger (GER) • Weiss / Weisslich 31e for water and glass tubes
Chiyoko Szlavnics (CAN) • Triptych for AS
Alvin Lucier (US) • Music for Cello with One or More Amplified Vases
James Tenney (US) • ‘Shimmer’ from Glissade
Antonia Barnett-Mcintosh (NZ) • yesterday blocks

Pyramid Club, 272 Taranaki Street, Wellington
29 November, 7pm & 9pm
TICKETS: $10 / $20

Stroma is an artistic team combining musicians at the highest standards of excellence in New Zealand. It is committed to engaging audiences with the music of living composers. At the core of this team lies the creative brilliance of composer Michael Norris (recent winner of the 2018 SOUNZ Contemporary Award) and acclaimed New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conductor Hamish McKeich, whose leadership during the past 15 years has produced innovative programmes unique to New Zealand and introduced audiences to new ideas from the global musical community. Since its inception in 2000, Stroma has not only commissioned and premiered more than 50 new works but has also given repeat performances of more than 40 existing New Zealand works.

VIDEO: a taste of 'Aria' by John Cage (USA) which will be sung live by Barbara Paterson at Essential Experimental.

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Brianne Kerr Publicity

13 Nov 2018

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