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30 Nov 2018 to 30 Dec 2018
Mon/Frid: 10am to 4pm, Sat: 11am-3pm
an exhibition of Prints and Perspex, Perspex on Prints, just Prints or just Perspex…We declutter…
Event type: 
Pavilion Architecture
11 Clarence Street, Devonport


"Declutter" Beatrice Carlson

@ Pavilion Architecture 

1 december- 30 december

Preview Opening 30 November


Meet the Artist every Saturday of December from 11 to 3pm & by appt 


Visual Artist Printmaker and World of WearableArt 9 times Finalist, Pavilion Architecture presents Beatrice Carlson “Declutter”.


“Declutter” is an exhibition of recent and older work, showing her work evolving through her different medium.

As a Visual Artist, Perspex allows to work in large scale with striking colours;

As a Printmaker, the visual narrative is more intimate with smaller and more detailed pieces;

There are Prints and Perspex, Perspex on Prints,  just Prints or just Perspex…We declutter…

Written by

Beatrice Carlson

21 Nov 2018