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"Duo Synchro"

20 Mar 2021
10am to 6pm
Duo Synchro Exhibition, a visual discussion between virginijg and Béatrice Carlson
Event type: 
Studio One-Toi tū
1 Ponsonby Road, Auckland


Synchronicity of a rencontre of two visual artists:
Virginiejg talks about sensations through her photographs, Béatrice Carlson answers with stories made like photo-collages and jewellery, her latest medium.

From the combination of their works is born a nice adventure that unfolds like a melody that can be heard in the distance ... Both playful and mischievous intertwine play of light and shadow, sensual textures and colors. Virginie and Béatrice create a multitude of emotions that plunge us back into a childish world; they transport us to imaginary lands and encourage us to re-explore our roots, those of our childhood country and those that we feel are taking shape here little by little ...

Béatrice Carlson is a multidisciplinary artist, her tableaux vivants are the artistic expression of her love for these two countries; digital collages of family photos, here and there; its narrative evolves towards contemporary  jewellery in silver and Greenstone.

virginiejg mainly devotes herself to photography but also enjoys painting. She composes her images to create a unique, intimate, artistic, emotional and narrative experience with the one who contemplates them.


Hosted by Studio One and Alliance Française during Francophonie Week.   

Written by

Beatrice Carlson

19 Mar 2021