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Where Will They Bury My Bones

19 Mar 2022 to 27 Mar 2022
Digital Premiere: Sat 19 Mar, 8pm – Sun 27 Mar
Join audiences in Aotearoa and around the world for the digital premiere of composer Gareth Farr’s moving response to our state of mind during times of profound uncertainty.
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Written by New Zealanders living in different countries – composer Gareth Farr (NZ), librettist Paul Horan (AUS), and baritone Julien Van Mellaerts (UK) – during the COVID pandemic, Where Will They Bury My Bones? is a concert in four movements with three instrumental interludes that contemplates our sense of dislocation in our corner of the world.

Transforming the classical music form of the requiem into a piece that speaks directly to New Zealanders and the way we’ve experienced loneliness, distance, and uncertainty under lockdown and border restrictions, this deeply poignant and thoughtful performance is a moment to stop and reflect on our journey through the pandemic to date – and the safe future we’re all working together towards.

Written by

Auckland Arts Festival

25 Feb 2022