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Hand Me Down: A personal commentary influenced by ideological roles and rituals

Hand Me Down
21 Feb 2022 to 19 Aug 2022
Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm, 21 Feb - 19 Aug 2022
‘Hand Me Down’ is a response to socio cultural norms: a public space threaded with personal commentary, particularly those commentaries influenced by ideologies of roles and rituals.
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Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, Main Gallery


The visual space is a nexus that speaks of physical and metaphorical connections. It provides links with historical and communal practice that is steeped in pedagogy and rich in wairua.

The work shared in this exhibition pays tribute to this space through transitional works that require the viewer to heterogeneously contemplate past, present and future as they navigate memory, perception and social disruption.  

Post-pop-retro screen-printed imagery plays with notions of Covid-19 inspired social change. The installation is virus-like, taking over, spreading and dispersing within the gallery. The space shifts between the illumination of family photographs within light-box containers and the disruption of contextual data within photographic imagery: The referents in the photograph disappear as a subject and reappear as an object. Private collides with public.

Raw black canvases spotlight social engagement through the ‘handed down’ and passed on.  The figures are often shown firmly disengaged with the viewer from their imagined worlds, with the access point quietly waiting to be discovered - their narratives investigated and repackaged with a questioning lens on custom and tradition.

Connections to community and the space are evident within the work as it demands conversations dealing with social constructs buried deep into our psych. It speaks of inclusion and rites of passage, collective and private agreements we understand when we navigate mental and physical spaces, like memory and communal locations such as the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts.

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Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts Gallery

8 Mar 2022

The Galleries within the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts share the diverse visual arts programme within the University of Waikato. The exhibitions feature a range of contemporary art from leading regional and national artists.