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Bridal Shop Confessions

25 Mar 2022 to 23 Apr 2022
8pm Tuesday - Saturday, 2pm Sunday Matinee
Four friends are all to be bridesmaids but with old tensions, new tensions and old jealousies between they still love each other? Or have they lost sight of that...
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$30 Adults, $27 Seniors, $27 Uni Students
Dolphin Theatre
12 Spring Street, Onehunga, Auckland


Annabel is getting married. Her four friends Natalie, Nicole, Lorin and Maggie are meeting her at Madame Jeanne’s bridal shop for their fittings with Maria, Madame Jeanne’s assistant. The girls have a pact that when they get married their four friends are all to be bridesmaids. However life has got in the way for this group of women and there are old tensions, new tensions and old jealousies between them... They really do still love each other but some have lost sight of that... Come along and see how Annabel’s first fitting goes. NZ playwrite Lindsey Brown has created a funny and authentic play about women, their friendships and the things they let get in the way.


by Lindsey Brown

Directed by Robyn Bull


by arrangement with

Written by

Dolphin Theatre

25 Mar 2022

Dolphin Theatre began as The Onehunga Repertory Players in 1961. Mrs Veronica Dow, an actress and producer who had been active in English repertory theatre, was invited by the Mayor and Mayoress, Mr and Mrs Leo Manning, to form a local drama group.