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Dawn Raids

16 Aug 2022 to 3 Sep 2022
16 Aug – 3 Sep 2022
It's hard to sleep when you don't know what dawn will bring.
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ASB Waterfront Theatre


Dawn Raids
by Oscar Kightley
directed by Jake Arona

Legendary Pasifika theatre collective Pacific Underground revisits Dawn Raids 25 years on, in the wake of the apology.

Central Auckland. 1973. Fuarosa sleeps with one eye on the front door, in fear of it bursting open. Sione struggles to keep the peace by day and croons Elvis love songs by night. Teresa turns to activism to channel her rage but only her mate Bene hears her. Steve is a policeman, turning his own people out of their homes – even though it turns his stomach. Mose supports the raids and scorns overstayers.

Join Sione and his band, the Noble Hawai’ian Sabretooth Tigers, as they welcome you to the Paradise Honeypot Club where everything is beautiful, until it isn’t.

Oscar Kightley’s contemporary classic contrasts white-hot anger at the injustice visited upon Pacific People with wit and warmth, and Elvis - lots of Elvis. An unmissable new production of Dawn Raids, given fresh potency by the Apology.


• Audio-Described Performance & Touch Tour: Tue 30 Aug 7:00pm
• NZSL-Interpreted Performance: Sat 3 Sep 2:00pm
Access and companion tickets available for blind/low-vision and Deaf/hard-of-hearing patrons.


A co-production between Auckland Theatre Company and Pacific Underground.

By arrangement with Playmarket.


Written by

Auckland Theatre Company

1 Apr 2022