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Multi dimensional performance
12 May 2022
TE PAE ĀTEA- Exploring the Celestial Realm- through music, voice, taonga puoro & paint (with Maisey Rika)
Event type: 
Live event, Multidisciplinary, Music


TE PAE ĀTEA: The Celestial Realm (Featuring Maisey Rika)

Date: 12 May 2022 (8pm)


Join us in this performance with multi-Award winner Maisey Rika, Taonga Puoro specialist Horomona Horo, Sonic Producer Dr Jeremy Mayall, and Performance Painter Regan Balzer.

The SECOND in a Series of  LIVE ONLINE Concerts.  TE PAE ĀTEA, explores narratives around the Marama (moon), ngā whetū (stars), te Maramataka (Māori Calendar), planets, navigation, space, time, connection... through voice, sonic sound, taonga puoro & performance painting.

Responding instinctively through artistic expression, each artist will contribute to the creativity of the other artists to create a rich journey that will unfold before your eyes... TE PAE...created for a moment in time and will never be repeated in the same way again...


Tickets are also available for TE PAE NUKU: The Earthly Realm. (Featuring Waimihi Hotere & Kurahapainga Te Ua).  26th May 2022


...Be an eye witness to the journey of the performance as it unfolds LIVE online.


Written by

Regan Balzer

22 Apr 2022

REGAN BALZER Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Te Arawa, Raukawa, Maniapoto Artist/Educator/Director