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The Foundations of Photography at Inverlochy Art School

9 Jun 2022 to 28 Jul 2022
6.30PM - 8.30PM every Thursday evening
Explore and develop your unique photographic eye through learning the fundamentals of digital photography
Event type: 
Art, Workshop/Seminar
Inverlochy Art School
3 Inverlochy place, Te Aro, Wellington


Inverlochy Art School are thrilled to be hosting The Foundations of Photography; an 8-week course taught by Calum Turner.

Taught by artist and professional photographer Calum Turner (BDes Hons in photography), you will learn in a fun, inclusive small-class format that respects your pace of learning.

Over this 8 week course, you will:

  • Learn to confidently operate a digital SLR or mirrorless camera and understand how they work

  • Explore the basic conventions of taking photographs using manual control over camera settings

  • Practice capturing strong and engaging images in-camera through the considered use of composition, subject material and natural (or constructed) lighting

  • Develop your ability to use advanced camera settings and creative photographic techniques to make images that align with your artistic vision

  • Strengthen your ability “read” and discuss other photographers images and understand what makes up the genres of photography that interest you most

  • Learn more about how wide-ranging and exploratory photographic art-making can be

  • Reflect on your best images and learn how to “edit” them down into a strong series

Written by

Inverlochy Art School

25 May 2022