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Creative Humans - From beaches to town centres

4 Jun 2022 to 17 Jul 2022
4th June to 17th July
Pop-up creative events in the Ōrākei area which will surprise and delight you, then send you on your way with a new piece of poetry, a new way of seeing and a spring in your step!
Event type: 
Art, Live event, Public Program
Ōrākei Local Board Area


Creative Humans
From beaches to town centres
4th June – 17th July 2022
You’ll be going about your daily lives in the town centres and beaches of Ōrākei when something catches your eye, enlivens your senses, fills you with surprise and delight. It brings you to a standstill, invites you to sit down and sends you on your way with a piece of poetry, a new way of seeing, a spring in your step and a fresh appreciation for Creative Humans; from beaches to town centres.
5 projects taking place in the Ōrākei Local Board area from 4th June - 17th July. Read on or find each under our Events section and pop them in your social diary.
Contact: Renée Tanner, Managing Director, Lightbox Projects.
m: +64 211496707 e: w:
The Creative Humans project is presented by Lightbox Projects and Funded by the Ōrākei Local Board.
The Umbrella Dancers
An insatiable Balkan-style playlist kindly creates spaces for two passers-by to engage in a beautiful, unexpected dance interlude. Rain, snow, or shine, the umbrella dancers hold semblance of the passing of strangers, the connections we make, the moments to cherish, and warm goodbyes.
Saturday 4th June 11am – 1pm on Mission Bay beach.
Creative concept: Amber Liberté. Facilitated by The Human Agency
Photo credit @deusmoto
Hosted by Talia Pua
Continuum is a game where you explore your heritage through conversation and tactile play. Come enjoy a completely digital free and reflective experience that encourages empathy and connection with others. Perfect for people from all walks of life, including families with kids (age 7+).
Saturday 4th June 10am - 2pm outside the St Heliers Bay Library
Saturday 11th June 10am - 2pm outside the Remuera Library
The Horizon is Ever-Present
A performance and digital installation. The Horizon is Ever-Present celebrates our surroundings, reminds us to have moments of presence, and offers a space to be grateful for nature’s vastness and timelessness. Five locations simultaneously.
Saturday June 11th 11am – 1pm outside Remuera Library, on Kohimarama, St Heliers, Mission Bay beaches and on Instagram @amber_liberty
Creative concept: Amber Liberté. Photo credit: (Jocelyn Janon Photography)
Typewriter Poetry
The typewriter poetry performance involves a professional poet sitting at a welcoming table, behind a vintage typewriter, ready to type poetry in a spur of the moment interaction with passers-by. Featuring Asian, Pakeha and Polynesian poets.
Aiwa Pooamorn - Friday June 10th 11am-2pm in Ellerslie Village
Eric Soakai - Saturday June 11th 11am-2pm in Mission Bay Village
Sophie Proctor - Saturday June 18th 11am-2pm in Remuera Village
Creative concept: Gareth Farry
Arthaus Contemporary will be showing two local artists working with waste plastics; Judith Lawson and Milvia Romici. Their exhibition will run alongside a competition for school students using plastic waste materials and the opportunity to exhibit alongside them.
Arthaus Contemporary, 228 Ōrākei Rd, Ōrākei
Friday 8th July - Sunday 17th July. Gallery opening hours 11 – 3pm Wednesday to Sunday.

Written by

Renée Tanner, Lightbox Projects Ltd

30 May 2022

Lightbox Projects | Advising, designing and implementing projects for artists and creative organisations.