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Free Science & Technology open days! Come & meet Brain Play.

19 Jun 2022 to 9 Jul 2022
June 19th 11 - 12:30pm, July 9th 10 - 11:30am
Come & try Brain Play! Get involved in some coding, robotics & 3D printing fun.
Event type: 
Free events
Upper Harbour Primary School in Albany!
140 Kyle Road, Albany, 0623 - inside the Pipi block at Upper Harbour Primary School. Follow our purple signage to guide you.


Come and meet Brain Play, learn about science and technology & ask any questions about our after-school locations, holiday programmes, or online classes!

Please book through our booking site -, registrations necessary :)

Ages 5 - 13 + families welcome!

Written by

Brain Play

15 Jun 2022