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How to Win at Watercolor / with Eric Braks

9 Jul 2022
1pm to 4pm Saturday 9th July
This workshop will show you how to become an artist without going through all the pain! All items are supplied, so just bring yourself!
Event type: 
Art, Live event, Workshop/Seminar
$85 (includes GST)
Franklin Arts Centre, Pukekohe
12 Massey Avenue, Pukekohe, Auckland 2120


Eric Braks will explain, demonstrate and guide you in creating your own beautiful and successful small floral painting! You need not have picked up a watercolor brush before, but you will soon be able to do original frameable work successfully at home!

Many artists spend years working and refining their ability in a way that is continually frustrating. It is one thing to do and succeed at an artwork .. but all too often while other people might compliment the item, the artist can only see the struggle and the mistakes! This is not the relationship we want with our art!

For this workshop, you need no previous experience. We will use the same loose technique Claude Monet used to create his water lily paintings, but in the non-toxic non-smelly watercolor medium.

You will also learn to save a lot of money on painting supplies. Get very good watercolor paper and paints at a price that allows you to play without worry!

You will enjoy the session firstly because it is fun! But you will also learn how to pump out your own original quick frame-able floral artworks which you yourself really like! (others will love them too!)

Then you will be given direction on how to expand from this point, into creating larger works or working with other subjects.

This is an afternoon of fun to get your new artistic self joyfully up and running!

Price per person is $85 which includes GST, plus all paints, brushes and paper!

This venue is limited to 12 people, so book a place as soon as you can!

*Eric Braks is a self taught artist of all traditional media. He excels at figures from life, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, oils and watercolor. You can see some of his work on the Facebook link below

Eric Braks Artwork | Facebook

See you there!


Written by

Eric Braks

20 Jun 2022