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Drone Legends

12 Jul 2022
10am to 12pm Tuesday 12 July
Join us these school holidays and become a Drone Legend! Children aged 8-12 are invited to our workshop where they will learn how to code a drone, fly drone - and take photos and movies. Limited to 10
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Pah Homestead
72 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland, 1042


Take your school holidays to new heights with our Drone Legends workshop at Pah Homestead! Join us for an awesome two-hours of fun with drones, led by Dr Craig Hansen, Professor of Flight, Drone Legends. Open to children aged 8 – 12. Limited to 10 attendees.

Drone legends is an exciting way to explore:

  • Flying a drone
  • Coding a drone
  • Taking photos and movies with drones

Learn more about Drone Legends here:

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The Pah Homestead

23 Jun 2022

The Pah Homestead is located in the Monte Cecilia Park, Hillsborough and opened to the public in August 2010. Pah Homestead was fully restored by the Auckland City Council as the new home of our Collection.