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Façade at Pah Homestead

31 Jul 2022
6pm Sunday 31 July
A Farewell Concert for Leo Jaffrey
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General admission $40 / Concession $25
Pah Homestead
72 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland, 1042


Façade at Pah Homestead will be an exciting performance of Façade Entertainments. In addition to the witty and comical, Façade has some captivatingly tranquil moments, all while exploring the sounds of Edith Sitwell's linguistic experiments. The exuberant and nonsensical outbursts of Facade will be followed by Ravel's unparalleled mastery of timbre. A complex and sensitive work, Ma mère L'Oye is like a set of musical watercolours, each describing a single image from a children's tale. This concert is a fundraiser for Leo Jaffrey, before he travels overseas to begin a Masters in Orchestral Conducting at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Written by

The Pah Homestead

4 Jul 2022

The Pah Homestead is located in the Monte Cecilia Park, Hillsborough and opened to the public in August 2010. Pah Homestead was fully restored by the Auckland City Council as the new home of our Collection.