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Jane Dodd - The Unbelievables

Jane Dodd - Chocolate Duck
Jane Dodd - Goose Love
Jane Dodd - Secret Agents
Jane Dodd - The Bill
Jane Dodd - Wound Man
15 Jul 2022 to 4 Aug 2022
11 to 5 Tue to Fri, 11 to 1 Sat, 15 Jul - 4 Aug
An exhibition of new works by Dunedin jeweller Jane Dodd.
Event type: 
Art, Craft, Exhibition
Brett McDowell Gallery
5 Dowling Street Dunedin


An exhibition of new works by Dunedin jeweller Jane Dodd.
"In the past few years my jewellery practice has largely pivoted around the portrayal of animals, often with a subtext of how humans are impacting on them. I have created characters and stories illustrating the tension I felt between the exuberant genius of historic European craftspeople and the plunder of the natural world that enabled and sanctioned their art. I want to look at issues of extinction and infestation, cruelty and conflict: issues that arise at every branch of our Family Tree, affecting coral, ants, magpies, elephants. I want to challenge our ideas of animal intelligence, and exalt different sensory strengths and acumen. I want to berate us for thinking we are above or distinct from the natural world. I want us to feel that we are being watched and that stock is being taken. I want us not to get away with it."