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Building Performance from Pieces of Self | TAHI Festival 2022 Workshop

Building Performance from Pieces of Self
11 Sep 2022
Sunday 11 September 2022
Presented by Michael Metzger
Event type: 
Festival, Theatre, Workshop/Seminar
Tickets from $20
BATS Theatre
1 Kent Tce



Building Performance from Pieces of Self presented by Michael Metzger


How well do we know ourselves? Autobiographical performance can be a straightforward, often linear retelling of memories. It can also be a way to explore ideas and make discoveries.


This workshop draws on Michael’s PhD research which explored rural masculinity and gay identity using autoethnography – a research method which uses the self as a source of data. Throughout his research, Michael used the concept of bricolage as a way of articulating and understanding his practice.


Generally, bricolage refers to something made from bits and pieces – a sort of ‘no. 8 wire’ approach that emphasises repurposing material. This workshop will appeal to theatre makers who are looking for new strategies to create autobiographical performance and researchers interested in autoethnography. Participants will learn strategies to delay creative choices and meaning making. Doing so paves the way for a kind of transformative self-writing where new insights and understanding arise from juxtaposing the bric-à-brac of lived experience.


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TAHI Festival

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