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Triumphant Regression by Yvonne Abercrombie

17 Aug 2022 to 10 Sep 2022
Tues August 17th - Sat September 10th
A collection of expressive oil paintings, in the Pod gallery.
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Kumeu Arts
300 Main rd Huapai, Kumeu



Triumphant Regression

Yvonne Abercrombie

​Pod Gallery 

17th August -  10th September 2022

Opening Event: Friday 19th August 5-7pm


‘Triumphant Regression’, an anticlimactic and contradictory title, however attune to the context of recent works by Yvonne Abercrombie. 

The act of regressing, going backwards, returning to previous states, holds negative connotations, however not within the narrative of Yvonne’s work. Her characters are champions of the stigmatic notion that ‘backwards is defeat’. Triumph, moving forwards and overcoming, possessing a personal gain.

These two notions of ‘Triumphant’ and ‘Regression’ are in conflict with each other and pose an interlude to this exhibition. Abercrombie’s fanciful paintings whimsy explore the tension of returning to what once has been. The fraught and contentious figures subside in the comfort of their colourful surroundings of lavishly buttered oil paint. Expressive strokes create a living quality to the canvas and to an otherwise stagnant picture.  


Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 9am - 5pm & Saturday 10am - 4pm


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Kumeu Arts

29 Jul 2022

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