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The Moon and the Pavement

The Moon and the Pavement exhibition at Ashburton Art Gallery and Museum
13 Aug 2022 to 9 Sep 2022
Open Daily 10am – 4pm | Wednesday 10am – 7pm
A partnership between The Physics Room and Ashburton Art Gallery and Museum
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition
Ashburton Art Gallery and Museum
329 West Street, Ashburton


The moon and the pavement is an exhibition by The Physics Room in collaboration with Ashburton Art Gallery. The show includes new works by Teresa Collins, Yukari Kaihori, Susu, and Sam Towse, and takes a hyperlocal or extreme close-up perspective on materials and surfaces from an urban environment. These are considered in connection with personal memory and narrative associations, intimate yet at times as distant or unknowable as the moon.

Looking down at the coarse pavement or at your smooth backlit phone while walking has become a common habit. These surfaces have come to condition the way our bodies move through the world: feet on the ground, head in the internet. In this exhibition, commonplace materials and surfaces are examined with an intensity of focus revealing that this is a moving planet we are walking on, alive with its own forces and interactions.

Each artist in the show relies on found, industrially sourced and digital materials to make their work.

This exhibition asks that we move with a different kind awareness, attentive to both the everyday earthy matter that surrounds us, and to more feral, queer, or space-bound fantasies. The moon and the pavement also reminds us of the non-human and geological activity that animates the earth: the silveries that used to come rushing down the Hakatere each August. Volcanic eruptions 90 million years ago causing the formation of agates, chalcedony and quartz. And over the past 2 million years, the advance and retreat of glaciers in the Hakatere Ashburton region leaving behind vast slopes of shingle residue. Each of these movements leaves a material record, which is also a narrative: a riverbed, a pavement, an agate, the moon.

Written by

Ashburton Art Gallery and Museum

5 Aug 2022