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New World by Jesse Smith

13 Sep 2022 to 1 Oct 2022
13th September - 1st October 2022
Fresh, free and raw. Teeming with explosive energy.
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Kumeu Arts
300 Main Rd, Huapai, Kumeu



Jesse Smith

13th September - 1st October 2022

Main Gallery

Opening night: Friday 16th September 5-7pm


Prolific local artist Jesse Smith bangs out art like his life depends on it.

His work is fresh, free and raw. Teeming with explosive energy. Paint runs and drips over solid colour blocks - lyrical like Nas is to hip hop. Lines jump around as playful as a child in the sand - experimental as jazz. Ripped up, unabashed, paintings as punk as the Pistols. Sticking two fingers up to conformity and pretty pictures on gallery walls. Sometimes pieces spill off the confines of a canvas- splattering onto his garage walls or a friend’s shoes.

​Yet don’t be fooled! This unconstrained, emotive approach, whilst expressive, is cleverly considered finding balance between the chaos and the calm both internal and materialized. Kumeu Arts proudly presents this first ever solo show. Wake up Jesse Smith is here!


Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 9am - 5pm & Saturday 10am - 4pm



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Kumeu Arts

20 Aug 2022

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