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Turning Amanda Tomasoa's 2D art into a 3D Wonderland in the virtual world of Secondlife!

ATG (Amandat Tamatzui Gallery) in SLEA (Secondlife Endowment for the Arts)
ATG World in Secondlife metaverse
11 Sep 2022
Sunday 11 September , 8 AM - 10 AM
Turning Amanda Tomasoa's 2D art into a 3D Wonderland in
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition, Live event
Secondlife (virtual world) Endowment for the Arts


AmandaT Tamatzui (Amanda Tomasoa - RL)

After a 5-year absence from SL, AmandaT Tamatzui returns ready to share her Real life art. She will be turning her 2D paintings into a 3D Wonderland. Unleash your inner child!
Each section on the sim will reflect back to the paintings. Come visit Indonesia in SL, and drive around the mountains, which are textured with paintings from some of her Abstract series. 
There are bicycle or car rezzers for your enjoyment as you whiz around this imaginary ATG world.
Teleport to the rooms with Stacked books, a grand piano, empty bird cages, floating roses and faces of people from another dimension.
Please get a landmark and return again and again with your friends or by yourself.
Take photos of your visit and share them with AmandaT on Flickr or Facebook!

A glimpse of what is in store 
Please bring your friends along!