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#a11yArts International Creative Leadership Series - Kōrero with Dan Daw: Working with my messy body

4 Oct 2022
7 to 8pm, Tuesday 4 October
Join TC for a lively kōrero with boundary-pushing British/Australian Crip and queer artist Dan Daw exploring intersections of disability and queerness, kink and sexuality and artistic leadership.
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oin Touch Compass on Tuesday 4 October for an insightful and
lively kōrero with boundary-pushing British/Australian Crip and queer
artist Dan Daw.
Dan and TC's Suzanne Cowan, Lusi Faiva and
Rodney Bell will explore intersections of disability and queerness, kink
and sexuality, and how Dan finds freedom in self creation while leading
a small group (as Dan Daw Creative Projects) with an aligned vision. Don't miss this awesome conversation!

years of hating my body and rejecting my body, with this show I’m
celebrating my body for the first time,” he says, “and it’s liberating
in the most spectacular way.” - Dan Daw, on The Dan Daw Show

The Dan Daw Show ****
"Dan's artistic projects
focus on bringing disabled people into the spotlight. On stage he is
very much master of his domain, although in life he says he rarely feels
safe or relaxed." - The Scotsman, on The Dan Daw Show, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


About Dan Daw:
A British/Australian queer,
Crip (disabled) artist  now living in Manchester (UK), Dan works
collaboratively with a growing network of companies and artists to
develop new work for UK and international audiences.

Blurring the
divide between theatre and dance, Dan makes work under the banner of
Dan Daw Creative Projects that exploits his deviating functionality to
examine what it means for his, and other, queer, Crip (disabled) bodies
to occupy, take up space, and be unapologetic in non-disabled spaces

Dan Daw began working as a performer with Restless Dance Theatre
(AUS) in 2002, and since then has gone on to work with Australian Dance
Theatre (AUS), Force Majeure (AUS), FRONTLINEdance (UK), Scottish Dance
Theatre (UK), balletLORENT (UK), Candoco Dance Company (UK), Skånes
Dansteater (SWE) and National Theatre Scotland (UK).

As Internationale Tanzmesse NRW Associate Curator (2021 – 2024),
Associate Artistic Director of Candoco Dance Company (2021), Sadler’s
Wells Summer University Artist (2015 – 2018) and Associate Director of
Murmuration (2015 – 2022), Dan continues to take his place at the
forefront of international performance programming and disability-led
performance making.

In late 2019, he began making ‘The Dan Daw Show
in collaboration with theatre director Mark Maughan and a larger
creative team, which premiered in September 2021 and is currently
available to tour. The Dan Daw Show is the outcome of initial research
supported by Jerwood Choreographic Research Project II in 2017.

Throughout his performance career, Dan has worked with Kat Worth,
Garry Stewart, Kate Champion, Janet Smith, Adam Benjamin, Wendy
Houstoun, Sarah Michelson, Rachid Ouramdane, Nigel Charnock, Matthias
Sperling, Marc Brew, Claire Cunningham, Martin Forsberg, Carl Olof Berg,
CharlotteSpencer and Javier de Frutos.