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Both Sides Now Podcast episode 4 featuring Shane Jones

10 Oct 2022 to 10 Dec 2022
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Join us as we break down political polarisation and debate with kiwi politicians, bringing both sides of key issues to the people.
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Hey everyone, welcome to the new political podcast both sides now. I’m Eve McCallum and I am a member of the Young Nats who are the Youth Wing of the National Party and sit on the centre right of politics in NZ. 

Kia ora All, I’m Finn Ross, a member of young labour who are on the left side of the political spectrum. 

We have had the absolute privilege of travelling around New Zealand for the last couple of months and interviewing some amazing past and present politicians. 

Both Sides Now came about because of two reasons. 

Finn and I have both seen the increasing polarisation in the world, we want to be able to show that you can be friends with someone despite being on opposite sides of the political spectrum. 

We also want to Increase youth voter engagement. In New Zealand only 70% of 18-24 year olds vote in the general election. By exploring the political philosophy and ideology of former and current high profile politicians, along with key historical decisions they made, we hope to demonstrate the importance of politics to young people. 

Voters can often be disenfranchised by politics in New Zealand and around the world. A lot of people say that there are no politicians who represent their views and that they would like to vote for. Eve and I have a different perspective, we think that in New Zealand the five major political parties are all great contributors to politics in New Zealand and ultimately New Zealand is better for having all these different view represented in parliament. 

We also belive that at the end of the day, while Eve will vote right of centre and I left, that the best place for the world is reconciling both social and economic policy in the centre. 

So come along over the next couple of weeks as we have some amazing conversations with some epic kiwis, and we really hope you enjoy the Both Sides Now podcasts. 

We interview, Sir John Key, Sir Geofery Palmer, Jim Bolger, Nikki Kaye, James Shaw, Meteria Turei, Shane Jones, Dame Jenny Shipley, Chris Hipkins, Te Ururoa Flavell and James Shaw


Written by

Both Sides Now

10 Oct 2022