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Sefton Rani on the Creative Matters Podcast - Episode 73

29/03/23  to 29/03/23
LIVE from 10am Friday March 24th
Piha resident Sefton Rani talks about his creative journey, art practice and process with Mandy on the Creative Matters Podcast..


Jun 22, 2023

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Mar 22, 2023

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Mar 22, 2023


Episode 73 with Sefton Rani


Sefton Rani works out of Piha, a coastal settlement west of Auckland. He describes himself as a self taught maker who uses paint as his material of choice to create modern Pacific art.


These skins are collaged or simply allowed to float as a sculptural object. He encourages the apparent ageing of his work surfaces to show the lineage and journey of both the materials and of the migrant Pacific people whose artistic traditions strongly influence his work.

Sefton is of Cook Island heritage. His work enables him to explore his “Pacificness” and navigate his Pasifika identity within the broader context of New Zealand.


In this episode Sefton talks about how the February 2023 cyclone has affected his studio and how this event may influence his next body of work; how he sees his work as “industrial tapa” which is influenced by the marks, patterns, motifs and forms of traditional tapa, carving, tattoo, weaving and tivaevae; the value he places on community within his art practice; his goals to be represented in galleries around the world and of course he shares his fascination painting process.

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