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Alison Steiner (AS Good NZ)

01 Oct 2022

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The Big Idea
Oct 2, 2022

Creative business coach/mentor for emerging and/or established art practice.

From my clients/artists: ‘My creative aspirations …. embedding a business sensibility to my practice.  Sharing her knowledge and experiences and has helped me develop and grow my art as a business; Her action-focused yet understanding approach’

What are your creative practice (business) goals?

How can we help you?

AS Good NZ Limited, is led by Alison (Mellsop) Steiner, a practical creative business coach/mentor.  We operate as a companion (coach/mentor) to an artist’s business practice for a sustainable creative career.

Previously a business manager/owner of a successful creative practice, Alison offers general coaching or mentoring, for all business aspects of your practice, including accounting, and finance; business strategy; marketing; administration, with specialist advice where needed, to achieve your goals.  We aim to support and empower you to develop sustainable income through your creative practice.

We have mostly worked with visual artists and makers; however, we have also worked with music teachers, yoga instructors etc.

Testimonials – what they say

Over the past two years Alison has worked with over 50 creatives/artists from a range of disciplines.  Following are a few testimonials she has received during that time.

“Through the Wayfind Creative process and having Alison Steiner as a Creative Careers Business Mentor has been amazing.   Alison was very generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences and has helped me develop and grow my art as a business.  I feel that with her guidance and mentoring she has helped set me up for an incredible exciting journey ahead.” 

Louise Keen, Visual Artist July 2022 

Alison's guidance as a mentor has been extremely helpful in the development of my self employed career. I made the leap from London to New Zealand in 2020 and Alison's guidance helped me to establish myself here as a self employed person. I am a creative professional who needed business support to structure my creative thinking. Alison's support enabled me to merge my creative aspirations, as well as embedding a business sensibility to my practice. I always leave 1:1 sessions feeling inspired, supported and challenged to move my ideas and creative practice forward.”

Daneil Peter Cunningham, Artist | Yoga | Holistic Creative Movement | Voice, May 2022

"Alison truly cares about her mentees and wants them to succeed. Her action-focused yet understanding approach has been very helpful and made me gain more confidence in my creative practice. Her critical thinking caused me to define my goals more specific and has given me a better outlook on the things I need to focus on. I really appreciate having had the opportunity to be mentored by her and would highly recommend working with her to anyone."

Mirjam, Photographer/Videographer, April 2022


BOOK a free half hour session to CHAT and see if we can work together.  (note: future meetings may be held on Zoom or in person.)

AS Good NZ is also developing a digital tool/platform to streamline the business side of creative’s practice, leaving you with more time to create.


AS Good NZ Limited is a social enterprise for creativity, equity and social justice, to improve incomes and outcomes.


Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: alisonsteinernz 

Instagram: asgoodnz