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The Sound Room

14 Oct 2022

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The Big Idea
Oct 15, 2022

Est. in 2003, The Sound Room is run by Tom Fox & Marshall Smith who write high quality music and sound design for film, TV, games, theatre, artists and bands all over the world – based in Auckland, New Zealand.

They have scored 13+ feature films, 70+ documentaries, TV series, short films & animation, 100+ TVC’s along with music for games, theatre, cabaret, museums, events and album production.


  • Music composition / songwriting / arrangement / production
  • Sound design / SFX / foley / voice over / ADR
  • Mixing for film / TV / AR / VR
  • Mixing & mastering for music

The Sound Room has two recording studios in Auckland with a range of other studios at their disposal for larger projects if required. They work with a fantastic network of top musicians to help bring your vision to life.

Tom and Marshall pride themselves on working with warmth, integrity and honesty; creating beautiful music on time and on budget for clients big or small.

Contact:           E: [email protected]                M: +64 21 611 316