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David Cross 'Level Playing Field/Powerslide'

'Level Playing Field/Powerslide' is a work of public art and a new sport created by David Cross for SCAPE 7.


For six weeks only, during the SCAPE 7 Public Art Christchurch Biennial, Christchurch is hosting the world premiere of the new action-packed sport, 'Powerslide', the world's newest thrills and spills sport!

Investigating the interplay between sport and participatory art, David Cross' 'Level Playing Field' is a 'pop up' structure which acts as a playing field for the game 'Powerslide'. Residents have been encouraged to put together a team and take part at scheduled times.

David Cross works across performance, installation, video and photography. His practice brings together performance art and object-based environments, focusing on relationships between pleasure, the grotesque and phobia. His works often involve inflatable objects and structures that draw audiences into unexpected situations and dialogues as Cross seeks to explore contemporary experiences and understandings of participation in art.

Written by

SCAPE Public Art

19 Oct 2013

Interests SCAPE Public Art install large scale, free-to-view contemporary public art in Christchurch city.