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Miranda Parkes, 'Fielder'

Miranda Parkes’ large billboard-like screens are located across three Christchurch city sites for the SCAPE 7 Public Art Christchurch Biennial.


Miranda Parkes’ large billboard-like screens, located across three sites, insert blocks of colour into the changing city environment. Seen from a distance the ‘paintings’ appear as solid colour, but as the viewer approaches they dissolve into a transparent screen, tinting the environment behind.

Bridging the realms of painting and sculpture, Miranda Parkes’ works are invariably strongly coloured and responsive to their environment. She utilises brightly coloured surfaces that often reveal hidden depths while apparently solid forms dissolve before our eyes. Parkes draws on the history of high Modernism, fusing aspects of this formal tradition with the contingent nature of contemporary urban experience.

Written by

SCAPE Public Art

22 Oct 2013

Interests SCAPE Public Art install large scale, free-to-view contemporary public art in Christchurch city.