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Vegetable Hunting in the South Pacific

Travel Editorial-humorous and enlightening piece about The Search for the Horticulturally Renowned Yams of the Island of Tanna.


My head was throbbing with the heat, the black glass sand and ash was compacted, slippery and difficult to find purchase on. The ground seemed unreasonably steep, looking down over the moonscape of the ash plain it was undeniably apparent we where really high up. In the name of frugality we had opted not to take a well trained and knowledgeable guide and it was for that reason I was now trying not look at the football sized lumps of recently molten lava strewn around the trail we were blazing. The hot dark ground juddered and shook with deep terrifying rumbles coming from somewhere powerful and ancient in exactly the direction we where heading..........

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Written by

Dan Kerins

24 Nov 2015

Interests Dan Kerins is photographer, writer and horticulturalist, specialising in ill-planned and under-funded excursions into the lesser known.