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Billadonna's Wunderkammer #5 Flying Fish Edition

Rock drawing flying fish
Billadonna's Wunderkammer Flying Fish Edition: theRock drawings.Part of "Summer:Utopia into Dystopia" at the Sculpture Park


Billadonna’s Wunderkammer#5: Flying Fish Edition No matter how tight you pack and label your little boxes, there is still space for magic and THE WORLD STILL DOESN’T MAKE MUCH MORE SENSE The technique of this “Wunderkammer” edition is homage to the oldest public art form- rock drawings. While the material that I am using is the same that has been traditionally used for this art form, (mineral pigment applied mixed with water/ fat), I use a stencil to create the image- public visual communication, in their oldest and newest form united by material and technique. It is absolutely thrilling to apply the coloured mud to the rock with my bare hands, a tactile experience that is more physical than most of the art work I have done so far. And quite moving to come back to the work after a week or a month, and see it somehow weathered but not faded, grown into the rock, like becoming history, and totally detached from me. As for the message- lost in the beauty of the medium. We still don’t know what the meaning of Rock drawing is- communication, scribbles, storytelling. Looking at my own piece and seeing how fast it became mere image, even for me, I think, who cares? It is like contemporary urban art- a voice reaching out, a colour touching your heart, a sensual experience that shortcuts the rational.

Technical Information: 

Mineral pigment on rock

Written by

Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna

27 Feb 2013

Interests I always wanted to be an alien life form designer.But that is another story and will be told in another time at another place.