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Inside the rabbit hole

Inside the Rabbit Hole – Billadonna and Faith Tavernor


Boxes; neatly labeled they give us a sense of security- BUT THE WORLD STILL DOESN’T MAKE MUCH SENSE AND IS FULL OF WONDER! One look into these boxes might let you stumble into a rabbit hole Don’t be mistaken, there is no security in this world or the next. We all live in our own little boxes; sort our lifes- and the “life’s of others” in neat packages. Have a look into the rabbit hole: explore wishes, hopes, dreams, shattered and distorted. What’s inside your box? The boxes invite to be handled, explored, considered. Our collaborative artwork reflects and questions our perception of reality and the fragility of our position in it. Do you know what you see? And are you safe where you stand? Are you safe inside your head?

Technical Information: 

Acrylic glass, wood, paint

Written by

Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna

28 Sep 2014

Interests I always wanted to be an alien life form designer.But that is another story and will be told in another time at another place.