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La Loteria II, feat. La Catrina and Kiwiana

La Loteria II, feat. La Catrina and Kiwiana, Ynes Guevara 2016


This art is inspired in mix of popular cultures. Me as a Mexican living in New Zealand makes me appreciate or visualize our roots on a more vivid way; newer eyes.

I have a deep respect for our biggest Mexican artists of the 1940's, especially for Frida Kahlo, which I done several portraits of. This painting is based on her husband clever idea of popularizing "La Catrina" to a point it is now a recognized icon around the world.

For the Kiwi Culture it may appear a bit creepy, but understanding the fusion of my ideas, they lose the fear and see the beauty.

Popularized in 1940 by Diego Rivera, I have mixed elements like Dick Frizzle Mickey To Tiki tu Meke, or the famous Buzzy Bee, that from being a toy in the 50's has become an icon to NZ. Can leave out the Fern, represented in the Kiwi Rugby Team, the "All Blacks" now known by half of the world. Also, very common drinking culture of the Double Brown, and the 10 cent piece beautiful design Koru.

To wrap it up, its just a mix of what as a graphic / creative artist I am see on my travels in this life.



Purchase Details: 

If you are interested on purchasing this piece or any other of my work, dont hesitate on contacting me.

We can talk about the purcxahsing proces such as price, shipping, materials etc.


Ynes Guevara

021 262 19 81

Instagram: Galeria_2.0_Art

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17 Nov 2016

Self-taught artist, living and enjoying the beautifulSouth Canterbury region, New Zealand, , born and raised in Mexico, I have been in NZ almostnine years, and have to say, for a small island lost in the middle ofnowhere, its been full-on. ... still is....