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Drawing the line

Hong Kong sky
Hong Kong harbour
Mahurangi East
Starting out as a study in pencil, the works move on to what the line is and can do.


. We’re walking the line, we’re crossing the line, and these metaphors can be translated straight forward into a visual with pen and paper. The amazing things a line can do.

We are walking the line.

We are crossing it. 

We, finally, draw the line, this is where we stand, that's the end of the story, one could say we are making a point of the line.

How much more can the line work be reduced? Not even paper is needed. Nor pen. Negative and positive space define the line, and loose meaning, there are only the areas left on both sides of the line, of equal value. The line is democratic- it gives equal value to both positive and negative space.

And when the planets line up, marvelous things will happen.


Written by

Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna

2 Feb 2018

Interests I always wanted to be an alien life form designer.But that is another story and will be told in another time at another place.