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Mokuhanga- A learning Journey

Leaf on silk
Affordable items of simple beauty. Woodcuts in traditional Japanese technique used on vintage kimono silks and washi (Japanese paper)


 I have been working on building up my cutting skills for the Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory artist residency I am attendingin September 2018 . The woodcuts in this exhibition use simple imagery on vintage kimono silks, linens and on washi (Japanese paper) for cards.

Affordable items of simple beauty.

I decided to take the risk and run an experiment- art is available for donation, with a minimum amount of $50 per work. Raising the question- what is the value of art? How far goes the understanding of art sales as a means of supporting an artist, not acquiring an investment? What is stronger, our respect for the arts and sense of fairness or the instinct of the hunter and gatherer to get a bargain?

12 April to 2 May 2018; Next Level Gallery, Waikato Society of Arts; 120 Viktoria Street, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Written by

Sybille Schlumbom a.k.a. billadonna

18 Oct 2018

Interests I always wanted to be an alien life form designer.But that is another story and will be told in another time at another place.