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Getting a Foothold in Film

The world is watching New Zealand’s film industry with envy. Here’s your opportunity to be part of the innovation.


While the rest of the world’s film industries are at a virtual standstill due to COVID-19, in New Zealand, the sound of clapperboards, followed by “Action!” is happening everywhere. With large-scale productions like Avatar 2 soon to commence, Aotearoa is garnering international industry attention.

The New Zealand film industry is a world leader in innovation and creation. Today, content creators are in hot demand in a wide range of industries.

At a time when many are considering a career change, the door to the world of film, tv and general content creation is one that can be opened by institutions like SAE.

SAE Institute provides industry-standard qualifications while allowing students to work on real sets as part of the programme, creating industry contacts before they even graduate.

The real way to learn

Since completing a Bachelor of Screen Production in 2017, Corey Flemming has worked on animation for NZ on Air funded videos.

Flemming says the practical focus of the degree prepared him well for life after study.

“I loved the hands-on approach that SAE allowed. Rather than being locked in a classroom all day they would give you a brief, and get you to make something,” says Flemming.

“I believe that’s the best way to learn when it comes to filming. You can do all the written work but when it comes to filming you need to know how to use a camera, how to edit on a computer and so on. There’s really only one way to learn and that’s just to do it.”

Industry led

SAE offers both degree and diploma courses in Screen Production.

As part of the film course, high profile creative industry professionals hold up close and personal workshops and seminars to give an insight into their perspectives, knowledge and experience.  

SAE’s aim is to equip students with advanced industry-led skills and knowledge in filmmaking and screenwriting. To facilitate the development of in-depth, self-reflective creative practice, underpinned by comprehensive transferable skills.

Courses focus on developing all aspects of film production skills, including all relevant aspects of cultural studies, business management and legal matters.

SAE also offers courses in audio and music production - trades that are also in high demand in New Zealand’s Post-COVID film and video industries.

Change your future

After a career change from marketing and advertising, Julie Eastwood completed the Diploma in Audio Engineering at SAE Auckland in 2014. She now works at Māori TV as a post-production audio engineer.

“The audio, TV and film industries are full of wonderful people. My decision to change careers and go and study at SAE was one of the best decisions I've made,” Eastwood says.

“Work hard and enjoy the learning process, because it never ends. Always be willing to learn. There’s always room for improvement.”


Written in Partnership with SAE. If you are interested in a career in film, audio or music production,  find out more about their course options by clicking here.