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How Creatives Can Access Magic Of Mentoring

10 Jul 2024

The Creative Mentoring Programme has launched – find out what is on offer and how you can get an edge in your career.

It’s back to the future for The Big Idea.

The catalyst for the successful Toipoto career development programme and new online initiative the Learning Network, the hugely influential Mentoring In the Arts has been revitalised and rebranded to provide the next level of support for creatives looking to grow their income or for a career-enhancing boost in their practice.

The freshly-launched Creative Mentoring Programme uses TBI’s proven track record with hands-on mentoring and established commercial connections within the sector to help guide an all-new cohort of creatives. 

This launch marks a significant evolution in TBI’s mission to support and elevate the creative community in Aotearoa.

Transforming Creative Careers

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TBI has long extolled the virtues of planning, collaboration and forming connections as three crucial pillars.  We understand that navigating a career in the creative industry can be a challenging and solitary journey. 

With over two decades of experience championing the community, TBI has built an extensive network of mentors across all creative fields in Aotearoa. 

This programme isn’t just about mentoring (though as the name suggests, it is pretty integral). It’s about opening doors to networking opportunities that sometimes feel out-of-reach and becoming part of a supportive community that extends well beyond the programme itself.

“We've witnessed the incredible impact of our Toipoto programme and are excited to build on that success with our new Creative Mentoring Programme. Our goal is to provide creatives with the tools, network, and support they need to thrive in their careers.” CEO Annie Ackerman states.

The Creative Mentoring Programme is designed to provide the specialised support needed to transform aspirations into achievements. 

Whether you aim to grow your business, develop leadership skills, gain practical advice from like-minded creative thinkers, or enhance your market presence - this programme fosters the unique goals on your road to success and personal growth.

Mentoring is about more than putting two people together in a conversation and hoping for the best. The Big Idea’s expertise in matching individuals with the right mentor ensures the experience is one tailored to your specific needs. 

The new Creative Mentoring Programme comes in two modes of delivery – in three-month or six-month programmes – whichever suit your needs and availability best.

If you’re interested in finding a mentor The Creative Mentoring Programme could be your passport to professional and artistic satisfaction.


Get Started 

Are you ready to elevate your creative career? Contact us today to join our Creative Mentoring Programme or to learn more about funding and application details.