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Art thieves steal $30,000 worth of work from local painter

Stolen van, Mitsubishi Delica, circled in red
Stolen Painting. Work by Jimmy James Kouratoras
Stolen Painting. Work by Jimmy James Kouratoras
Stolen Painting. Work by Jimmy James Kouratoras
Jimmy James Kouratoras only just finished three brand new paintings - only to have them targeted and stolen off his property in the middle of the night.



20 April 2017

Jimmy James Kouratoras, 45, has been painting since the 80s with over twenty years as a film scenic. He has also had a number of professional exhibitions since 2013 in Auckland, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York and Brisbane. 

In the early hours of Thursday morning, 20th April 2017, two thieves stole three of Kouratoras' latest paintings by walking straight onto his gated property in Onehunga and towing his van, a navy blue Mitsubishi Delica DJF963 with roof racks.

These three paintings were to go into a 2017 catalogue and are worth $30,000. 

Kouratoras is also a solo father of three children.

**See image below for the stolen van with the paintings, circled in red. 

The other images are of STOLEN PAINTINGS. His fans have responded vocally with over 300 shares on Facebook in less than 24 hours.

Please contact Jimmy Kouratoras on or 0274509922 for further information or interviews.

Bio: Jimmy James Kouratoras is an Auckland based artist whose work depicts a rich, almost decadent examination of contemporary culture. Babies mix with dragons, trees-of-life are hung with skater girls, and there is a strong impression of the artist’s Greek and Maori heritage. At 45 years old, Kouratoras has only recently started  exhibiting his work outside his native New Zealand, although he has been painting ardently since the 80s and has over two decades of experiences as a film scenic. He describes his work as “much more than a hybrid or fusion, but a deliberate layering of story and truth that will reveal itself to the beholder through a series of vibrant textures, patterns and imagery.” He also won the People's Choice Award for the Contemporary Brisbane Art Prize in 2016. 






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JK Productions

24 Apr 2017

Dione Joseph is a writer, director and dramaturge.