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Lysaght Watt Trust Art Award 2017 Winners Announced

Lysaght Watt Trust Art Award Winner 2017 Mark Rayner with Greg Donson and Preston Bulfin
The Lysaght Watt Trust Art Awards Gala Evening on the 4th of May 2017 was a great success as the winners were announced and congratulations abounded.


A successful gala evening saw Mark Rayner of Whanganui takeaway the Major prize of $3000  for the Overall Best Art work in the 2017 Lysaght Watt Trust Art awards. There were five other prizes awarded as well. Judge Greg Donson, (Sarjeant Gallery Curator and Public Progammes Manager) was impressed by the breadth of work in the show and said that the winners stood out for him as he viewed all the 51 entries. The theme for this year was YIN YANG and brought out some talented interpretations on this concept.


Lysaght Watt Trust Award Overall Prize of  $3000

Presented by Preston Bulfin

To Mark Rayner from Whanganui for "Shadow Man"


Meremere/Ohangai Rural Women 2D highly Commended award $500

Bridget Allen  from Christchurch for "The neighbour come over to borrow the lawn mower"


Neil Walker Family 3D Highly Commended Award $500

Claire Jensen from Opunake for "Tubluar Yin Yang"


Greaves Electrical 2D Commended Award  $250

Claudia Recorean, from  Tauranga for "The Good the bad and everything in between"


Beccard Motors 3D Commended Award  $250

Sandra Grieve  from Whanganui for "Entwined"



 Bussing Russell Local Artist Award $250.00

Cecilia Russell from Hawera for "There's 2 sides to every story - except a Möbius band."




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8 May 2017

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