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Anarchism features large at Depot Artspace for the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography.

Narrow Neck Beach by Linda Jarrett
Out of Control (mid-install)
Depot Artspace is celebrating the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography by hosting two exhibitions that challenge its theme of Control.


More often than not, art is about pushing the boundaries, breaking the rules and exploring infinite creativity. Depot Artspace is celebrating the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography by hosting two exhibitions that challenge its theme of Control.


Walk is the debut solo exhibition by Devonport based photographer Linda Jarrett, a series of contemporary abstract images that captures the antithesis of the ‘decisive moment’.

The Decisive Moment, a concept developed by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1952, refers to capturing an event that is fleeting and spontaneous, where the image represents the essence of the event itself.

Jarrett’s body of work challenges Cartier-Bresson’s concept; rather than capturing one moment, Jarrett has captured several moments in one photograph.

“I took these photos while walking around Devonport, Stanley Bay and Narrow Neck. For me it’s more about the things we don’t see rather than the things we do,” explains Jarrett.

“For instance, did you know that Devonport is very blue, that sheep are herded down Vauxhall Road, that there are ghosts in Stanley Park and there’s a little black dog that guards Stanley Bay.”

Walk is a lesson in slowing down our hectic daily lives, less rush and more contemplation - an ill-afforded luxury in today’s world.

Having spent years learning the rules of photography, Jarrett is now a non-conformist, breaking the rules whenever she can and producing work that goes against the expectations of normal photography, inspired by the work of Uta Barth and Vito Acconci.

There is still an element of purism though, in that most of her work is captured in camera and is not digitally manipulated.

To complement Jarrett’s exhibition, the team at Depot Artspace concocted a participatory exhibition that doesn’t just bend the rules, but eliminates them altogether.

A call went out to the general public to send in photographs for a large-scale photo wall in the Main Gallery, with no restrictions on photographic technique, ability, size or subject matter.

This produced a unique photographic response that breaks the bonds of conformity and predictability and offers a wide range of images that are cause for contemplation, amusement, shock and awe.

An exhibition like this, restriction free and inclusive is one that echoes the ethos of Depot Artspace.

“Opportunities to liberate the creative side of ourselves are rare; even in the gallery, the crucible of creativity, exhibitions require themes, conditions and standards,” explains Linda Blincko, Creative Director of Depot Artspace.

“This is our response to a world over-burdened by rules. We’ve been amazed at the photographs we have received for an exhibition with no restrictions, the creativity is boundless!”

Join Linda Jarrett and the Depot Artspace team for the opening event on Friday 1 June, 5:30pm – 7:00pm in the Main Gallery.

Walk and Out of Control will be on display from 1 June – 20 June 2018 in the Main Gallery, 28 Clarence St, Devonport.

Both exhibitions are included in the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography programme.

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Linda Jarrett

Originally from Devon, England, Linda Jarrett is a NZ Citizen who currently resides in Devonport. Her preferred medium is photography, but she also enjoys working with ceramics, Chine Colle, book making and at times abstract painting. Linda is currently studying contemporary photography with the Open College of the Arts (OCA) part of the University of College Arts.

Linda has been making photographs for over 40 years, starting with a Kodak Instamatic 56x when she was a teenager. A strong believer in serendipity and chance she prefers to capture what is already there. Inspired by the work of Abstract Expressionists, Impressionists and the Cubists she sees the world in colour and abstract.

Depot Artspace

Depot Artspace is an open and inclusive creative community in Devonport, Auckland that encourages engagement in all art forms. Depot Artspace offers a variety of facilities, services and events that support the creative community including galleries, a professional development programme, publications and a recording studio.

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Written by

Depot Artspace

31 May 2018