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Sam Dollimore takes out Premier Award in Orewa

Sam Dollimore with Judge John Mulholland
Vicki Watson (Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Members) stands with premier winner Sam Dollimore
"Is that an Invitation?" Sam Dollimore
At the 5th Hibiscus and Bays 2018 Art Awards Sam Dollimore took out the Premier Award with her artwork "Is that an Invitation?"


Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa is the host gallery for the Hibiscus and Bays Annual Art Awards. 84 artists were selected and 111 arworks were judged by Matthew Browne and John Mullholand. The Premier Winner was Sam Dollomore with a powerfully evocative pen on paper work of art.  Sam Dollimore is based in Titahi Bay, Porirua. She did her undergraduate art education at Whitireia Polytechnic and completed a Masters of Fine Arts from Whitecliffe College of Art & Design in 2016. Dollimore’s practice is based around problems, anxieties and coping processes of the psycho-sensual body.  Her work often references gender, body image, popular psychological and erotic theories, and surrealism.  She cites the paralogical approach as most helpful when navigating her subject matter.  For Dollimore there is power generated in the moment when reason and rationality become so overwhelming that they can be completely disregarded and catharsis, however uncomfortable, can then be embraced.  Dollimore says “I don’t know why absurdity and utter ridiculousness give such creative fulfillment. But I do think I live in a world where the scrutinising, policing, idealising, fetishizing, and commercialising of bodies, gender and sexuality is constant, unavoidable, and often debilitating. In that world, doing the least sensible thing somehow becomes the most constructive thing to do”.

Judges John Mulholland said  of Sam's work, “Recklessly controlled, I’m in straight away” while Matthew Browne said, “Intense, Mesmeric and compelling / structured yet organic, loose versus detail, visually eloquent and poetic”.  

The exhibition will run until Monday 26 November. The Gallery is open daily from 9am to 4pm. Located on the Western Reserve in Orewa, 214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, website:

Further information: 

As the Curator of the 5th Annual Hibiscus & Bays Art Awards supported by our Local Hibiscus and Bays Board, Creative Communities and art businesses, I am delighted to report that we have had the most entries in all of the years since the awards began.

The exhibition is organised by the Hibiscus Coast Community Arts Council (HCCAC) on which I am a volunteer member. This year 160 entries from 94 artists gave the HCCAC selection panel a challenging time in the selection process. What you see thoughfully displayed in the five gallery spaces is 111 artworks from painting, paste., drawing, ceramic, sculpture, traditional prinmaking and mixed media. Just under half of the artists come from our Local

From the Curator - Kim Boyd

Hibiscus and Bays area. I would like to congratuate every one of you for putting yourself forward to be part of this awards show. Thank you to Matthew Browne and John Mulholland who took up the challenge to be this years Judging panel. Not an easy task and I did not envy them. They did however select a broad range of worthy winners who represent something unique and special in their chosen medium. This exhibition has been a pleasure to curate and stands proudly as a very strong .exhibition of local and wider artistic talent

Written by

Estuary Arts Centre

8 Nov 2018

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