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Corban Estate Arts Centre - Tui Artist in Residence Announced

Corban Estate Arts Centre - Tui Artist in Residence Announced


A huge congratulations to Katrina Iosia Sipeli who has been selected for the Corban Estate Arts Centre Tui Residency in 2019.

Katrina Iosia Sipeli is a New Zealand born Niuean artist based in Auckland. Her work currently explores aspects of her cultural heritage and acknowledges family connections, and the translation of knowledge through craft making. Iosia Sipeli a former cake decorator utilizes her skills, drawing on ideas of sensory. 
She has received a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design, majoring in painting/sculpture from Unitec (2017), and graduated with a Post Grad Dip in Secondary teaching at the University of Auckland (2018).

Most recently she has been exploring the playful use of pattern and colour to articulate an understanding of time and space through painterly sculptures. Iosia Sipeli has created her own unique art practice, using non-regular materials and unconventional methods of creating a labour-intensive work. Her interesting use of mixed media produces an array of lines and patterns that create sumptuous and tactile surfaces. Iosia Sipeli is excited to work on a new project for the duration of the Tui Residency. 

Instagram: katrina10514

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Corban Estate Arts Centre

26 Nov 2018

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