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Get Me Home presents One Hell of a Comedy Show at Q Theatre

The inaugural fundraising gig heads to Q Theatre this Sunday with a HUGE LINEUP including Guy Williams, Melanie Bracewell, Michele A'Court, and The Fan Brigade!



GetMeHomeNZ is an initiative to help ensure all women and non-binary people working in NZ comedy can get home safe after gigs.

Personal safety is a concern for the comedy community. Working in comedy means late nights, drunk people hanging around, and always leaving work in the dark. A 2018 survey showed 79% of NZ comedy's women and non-binary ppl have been harassed on the way home, and more than a third have been assaulted on the way home, with some experiencing more serious incidents. 

The comedy industry isn't a huge money maker for many, especially those just starting out, and we want the playing field to be more level. The only way to ensure this is with funds! And what better way to fundraise than to put on one a hell of a comedy show?!

They've put together a HUGE LINEUP on the inaugural fundraising gig at Q Theatre in Auckland with some of the best acts in New Zealand comedy: Guy Williams, Melanie Bracewell, Michele A'Court, Alice Snedden, Two Hearts, Rhys Mathewson, James Mustapic, Jamaine Ross, Lana Walters, and The Fan Brigade! 

Sunday 9 December, 7pm
Rangatira @ Q Theatre, Auckland

Written by

Elephant Publicity

6 Dec 2018