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THE QUEEN OF MOLOKA'I: Based On a True Story

New Zealand Writer-in-Residence Pens Hawaii Book Based on a True Story


THE QUEEN OF MOLOKA'I: Based on a True Story 

by Kirby Michael Wright

We are on the verge of the Roaring Twenties in Honolulu. Julia Wright and Sue, her big sister, have met a pair of dashing English brothers sent to Hawaii by a wealthy father to avoid the draft in their home country. Sue strikes gold, receiving a marriage proposal from her overseas beau. Sixteen-year-old Julia has a passionate affair with the younger brother but must fend for herself after he leaves her pregnant. Julia's rebound affair with a Portuguese sea merchant gets her pregnant again and she now has two infant sons to raise. Luckily, her mother allows her to live at the family home and they raise the half-brothers as best as they can. Then local boy Chipper Gilman returns a hero from the Great War. He's seven years Julia's senior and has admired her since her girlhood days. He secures a job at a ranch on the island of Moloka'i and invites Julia to join him, but without her sons. He says they will get married and that she can send for her boys if she adapts to the rural lifestyle. Julia leaves her sons behind for her mother to take care of, since she's convinced she can become a country girl. She's tested every step of the way on the rural island and begins doubting Chipper had every intended to marry her.

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Written by

Kirby Michael Wright

6 Feb 2019